[HNDS-046, HNDS-047, HNDS-048] Uehara Ai Retirement Special Review

Today’s review isn’t the usual review. This is because I felt it was necessary to discuss these three AV in one package; additionally, it’s a reflection on Uehara Ai and her retirement in general. This will be a long post, so please bear with me.

Uehara Ai announced her plans to retire from the AV industry sometime in November or so. You know that saying “time flies”? It could not be any more true applied here.

I confess I’m not the most familiar with Uehara Ai’s works, but after seeing this series, I can safely say I see why so many people have come to love her so much. She is something special: the embodiment of raw sexuality. I can’t say that about a lot of AV stars.

“Okay”, I hear you say, “but what else makes her so special? It’s just porn, right?”

Uehara Ai has such charisma and charm to her that it’s impossible to not feel a smile on your face as you watch her. It’s what also makes this retirement so bittersweet. Combined with the announcement of Okita Anri, another famous AV star, the industry is losing some of its brightest lights. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; I wish these ladies the best of luck with their future endeavors, whatever those may be, but they will be sorely missed.

I’m reviewing three (yes, three!) AV today. They are all part of the Uehara Ai retirement series. Regrettably, I couldn’t get my hands on a couple of the movies, but these titles were enough to be enjoyed on their own even without the other parts.

The first,  Ai Uehara Retirement Special Reverse 100 Creampie Action Who Will Be The Next Ai Uehara, has Ai alongside some of the most popular AV actresses and her close friends in the industry. Each girl fucks the various fans of Ai in a high tension game of tag which results in one of the stars being crowned the next Uehara Ai! How exciting!

And exciting it really is. Seeing each girl work her sexual prowess to tip each man over the edge to take their spot on the shiny throne made me feel arousal I haven’t felt in a long time. It’s a friendly competition for sure, but these girls are fierce in their fucking. Hatano Yui and AIKA really stood out to me, but I really liked Kanae Ruka, too.

The end had a fun little twist that I won’t spoil here… but check it out here to see the results! It’s amazing!

Next up in the collection, Ai Uehara Retirement Special Male Porn Stars x Creampie 6 Uncut Fucks!, is… exactly what it says on the tin. It didn’t arouse me much, unfortunately, but you get a very clear picture of how raw and passionate Ai’s sexuality is. She really brings out her all with every fuck she has and there’s something truly magical about it. There’s also a sense of bittersweetness as Ai finally breaks down in tears at the end, laughing and telling the camera man “too close, too close!” before elaborating on how great it all felt. One interesting thing I liked about this AV, small of a detail as it is, was seeing the water drinking breaks! They were all hydrated and I felt a sense of relief, given how much of a marathon fuck it was.

You can buy it here.

The final movie isn’t so much an AV as it is a documentary about the Retirement Special and the feelings of the men who partook in the AVs and Ai’s close friends and fellow actresses regarding Ai’s retirement.

Ai Uehara Retirement Special 100 Creampie Impegnation Squad is more like a recap of the previous movies with the additional documentary parts to it. It’s not something to be watched for arousal: in fact, there’s very little sex to be found in this movie. This is, however, the one that affected me the most on an emotional level despite not being a huge fan of Uehara Ai.

One scene that really made the tears overflow was the scene where all the actresses have a very tender, sweet orgy. It’s not often an orgy can be described as such. You can see just how close these ladies are and how strongly they care for one another as they all touch each other and cry together. It gets especially intense when all the attention is focused on Ai. The whole scene isn’t shown; it comes from another movie, but what was shown was more than enough to cause a strong emotional response within me.

A lot of people are likely going to find this documentary a very dry, boring watch. As for me, it moved me to tears and reduced me to a very emotional state. It’s very clear Ai has made an impact in many, many people’s lives, whether it be keeping them warm on lonely, cold nights, or being a dear friend in the case of her industry friends. Her charismatic smile and energy, combined with her insane output of movies, truly stand out in a sea of actresses trying to make it that big. She makes it seem effortless.

To many, porn is merely something meant to relieve physical/sexual tension, since that is what it’s intended to be. To usual people, porn stars are just whores who have sex on camera and they are totally void of anything else besides sex. They are perceived to be nothing but vapid misfits from mainstream society. This could not be further from the truth. Stars like Uehara Ai show that, while yes, they do have sex on camera and can appear to be quite insatiable, they do have more qualities besides just their bodies.

It’s fantastic she’s going to move onto more things after her porn career. I wish her nothing but the best. But the warmth she provided to many, even perhaps comforting their loneliness, is something not a lot of AV stars are as capable are. Her personality truly shines whatever she’s doing, that grand smile lighting up the sadness of her retirement.

She stated recently that she wishes to “leave behind a legacy”, but I believe deep down, she has already achieved just that.

For a limited time, you can purchase a collection of all of Ai’s retirement movies in one big box! Get it while you can!!

[HNDS-046, HNDS-047, HNDS-048] Uehara Ai Retirement Special Review

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