Review: Pepee Lotion

This review isn’t my usual content, as you could likely imagine. Reviewing AV is fun and all, but when watching AV, what do you usually do? Masturbate! Or eat snacks. That’s what I do, anyways…

I decided to review a sexual wellness related thing because if you masturbate without adequate lubrication, things can chafe or become painful quickly if you’re not careful! Plus with some play (anal, for instance), lubrication is an absolute must. So instead of telling you my personal thoughts and recommendations on AV, let’s look a little bit into a side dish, so to speak, that I’d recommend.

I present to you… Pepee Lotion.

Pepee Lotion, despite its name, is not a lotion, rather a personal lubricant. In Japanese, though, the word can refer to lube. It’s water based, so it’s condom and latex friendly if that’s a concern for any of you. The vicosity is…. very thick. It’s not like standard American water based lubricants (or silicone based lubes, for that matter!), making for a very unique lube compared to the usual stuff.

The viscosity is both a blessing and a curse. For anal play, it only takes a little bit to allow my finger (or toy) to slide in with ease in the most delicious way. It’s nice to not have to use a lot of a thinner product when I can use a smaller amount of Pepee. Plus, it’s long lasting! Need to reactivate the slippery sensations? Use some saliva or water, and… tadaaa~. It also feels lovely when I use it for external vulva and clitoris play, though the thickness might be a bit much for some people. I can’t speak for its use vaginally, however… I’m sorry! Another thing of note is that Pepee can be kind of stringy, so apply with caution! It can get messy fast.

The cleanup isn’t too bad; simply wash with soap and water. Here’s where the viscosity comes into a more negative light: it is a biiiitch to clean if you use more than a couple squeezes of it. Otherwise, though, it’s not the worst cleanup ever and the effectiveness when used to ease penetrative activities is thanks to its thickness.

Pepee Lotion’s bottle is a lot more discreet compared to a lot of personal lubricants. It’s simply a clear bottle with the Japanese writing of “Pepee” on the front. Also it has an orange cap (which if you watch a lot of soapland AV or 2D ero things, it may be quite familiar to you!). Another cool thing about the cap is that it’s quite easy to flip it open with one hand as the other is, erm, busy. It’s very convenient and a design I wish more lube had. Nowhere on the bottle does it explicitly say “personal lubricant”, so if being discreet is a need for you, I’d recommend this lube based on that alone!

I ordered my bottle from OtonaJP, who sent it quickly to my home at a fair price (with the shipping included), so it was a very nice investment that made it just on time to make my Valentine’s night a wonderful escapade with my dakimakura… No, I didn’t lube it up! That would be bad!

If you’re a beginner to lubricants but like thicker sensations, or you’re looking to make penetration easier and need a cushiony sensation, please look into purchasing Pepee Lotion. It’ll make your time in the bedroom even more enjoyable than you thought possible!

You can purchase Pepee at OtonaJP, NLS, and many other online vendors, but I personally feel OtonaJP has the fairest pricing with amazing customer support to boot!

Thank you for reading my first foray into reviewing adult goods. I’m not sure if this will be a regular thing I do alongside AV or not, but this was a nice change of pace!

Next time, more lesbian porn! With what? I’ll leave that a surprise!

Review: Pepee Lotion

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