Review: [RCT-787] Totally Nude Dirty Talking Musician Ai Uehara (Uehara Ai)

Uehara Ai. Recently retired, she was a beloved AV idol; in fact, she was number one for a long time! I reviewed her retirement specials a couple of months ago, but they led me to feeling intrigued as to what her other movies were like.

One night, as I was browsing on JAVLibrary, I stumbled upon this particular AV. I knew just from the title alone, I absolutely had to see it! Dirty talking combined with singing? (As a singer, the idea of being fucked while singing and having an audience witness it is quite an exciting fantasy…)

This AV brings that idea to life! This takes AV idol to a new level!

Totally Nude Dirty Talking Musician Ai Uehara was produced by ROCKET, directed by Taro Kanbe, and stars who else than Uehara Ai!

More below the cut!

ROCKET is an AV label that never hesitates to make movies that cater to a wide variety of fetishes. They’re very much like the variety show genre for AV movies! From nipple fuck AVs to a sex festival in a school themed AV, ROCKET sure knows how to go where other labels wouldn’t think to go.

What happens when you have one of the top AV actresses sing filthy songs while being fucked (or masturbating)? I’ll tell you what: intense orgasms and hotness galore. That goes for me as well as Uehara Ai.

Whereas the previous review had an actress who lacked energy, charisma or decent dirty talking, Uehara Ai brings forth all of her power into this movie! Her sexual appetite seems to be utterly insatiable as she sings naughty songs (from a rock and roll number about creampies to a ballad about masturbation). Her lusty moans and pants are unrestrained, pure expressions of lust.

Given this is an AV about singing, it must be said that Uehara Ai… can’t really sing. Even though her voice isn’t that good, it has an appealing charm to it. You can really tell she’s having fun and getting into the groove! As she sings, she also adlibs dirty talk during instrumental breaks. Her dirty talk is very reminiscent of some of the stuff I’ve heard in various nukige throughout the years, which only served to ramp up my arousal further. There are three songs in this AV: “Nakadashi Rock’n’Roll” (Creampie Rock’n’Roll) and “Eien no Ecstasy” (Eternity of Ecstasy), and “Let’s JOI”. On a side note, Uehara Ai actually wrote the lyrics to the songs in this AV herself!

The sex acts in this AV are more… typical. It’s not fixated on one specific act, but there’s a particular focus on squirting and creampies. So if you enjoy those, you might want to look into this title. One scene that stands out is the second to final scene: Ai acts out the lyrics of “Nakadashi Rock’n’Roll” with a male and.. holy fuck it’s hotter than it sounds, I promise. Hearing her try to sing, while losing her composure will forever be burned into my memory as one of the sexiest things I’ve seen in an AV. But because I sing, maybe I’m biased. A girl can dream…

If you can handle Uehara Ai’s less than stellar singing and insane sexual prowess and want an idea of what it’d be like for an idol/singer to be fucked while singing and just being all sorts of naughty, I’d highly recommend this. It’s staying in my collection, for sure!

If you’re interested in purchasing it, here is a link for you to do so.


Review: [RCT-787] Totally Nude Dirty Talking Musician Ai Uehara (Uehara Ai)

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