Review: Anal Fit’s (Black Version)

Anal Fit’s Black was kindly provided for review purposes from OtonaJP. Thank you!

Masturbation with hands or fingers can be a satisfying experience on its own, but sex toys can add so much to a self love session. Anal masturbation is especially more satisfying with a toy.

Anal Fit’s is a series of anal toys that have vibrant colors and interesting designs intended to add different feelings to anal play. Each toy is quite different, as you can see below, but today’s star is the black version! More below the cut, as always!

From OtonaJP’s site.

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Review: Anal Fit’s (Black Version)

Review: [Ammolite, MangaGamer] Sweet Sweat In Summer (Natsuiro Mikan)

This review is written with my purchased copy of the game. I am not affiliated with MangaGamer.

Ah, summer. It’s the hottest season, for better or for worse; it’s also the season where, at least in doujinshi and other 2D ero works, some of the (pardon the pun) hottest sex happens.

What if you could spend your heat filled days with a loli who was adorable yet oh so lusty? Just you and her, all alone, left with nothing to do in a secluded town… You can imagine how things would unfold from there, right? But, what if, at the same time, you were in search of lost memories within the abandoned town?

This eroge tells such a tale.

Sweet Sweat in Summer was developed by Ammolite and localized into English by MangaGamer. More after the cut!

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Review: [Ammolite, MangaGamer] Sweet Sweat In Summer (Natsuiro Mikan)