Review: Anal Fit’s (Black Version)

Anal Fit’s Black was kindly provided for review purposes from OtonaJP. Thank you!

Masturbation with hands or fingers can be a satisfying experience on its own, but sex toys can add so much to a self love session. Anal masturbation is especially more satisfying with a toy.

Anal Fit’s is a series of anal toys that have vibrant colors and interesting designs intended to add different feelings to anal play. Each toy is quite different, as you can see below, but today’s star is the black version! More below the cut, as always!

From OtonaJP’s site.

The first observation I made when I first received the toy in the mail (along with another one!) was just how soft and cute it was. I have smaller hands, so the toy seemed a little big when I held it at first, but the overall slimness of the toy made for a much less intimidating first impression compared to a lot of other anal toys out there. Anal Fit’s Black is made from silicone, so it feels absolutely amazing to the touch: very soft and pliable, plush, yet also firm enough that it isn’t flimsy and has some give.

Doesn’t it look adorable?! It’s even cuter in person. I swear. The toy doesn’t look explicitly like a penis, either, which made me feel a lot more comfortable holding it and, um, exploring with the toy. Its shape almost reminds me of a crescent moon!

Here’s the tip. It’s very small, not to mention thin.

See how little the tip is? This serves a fantastic purpose for the actual insertion process. I’m not too experienced with anal play, though I do enjoy it with a finger, and given the thinness of Anal Fit’s Black’s tip, it makes the initial push in very comfortable and hardly noticeable! The rest of the toy is, as you might have guessed, thicker than the tip, but it’s never uncomfortable at all. It’s a very full but pleasant sensation which makes the anal play feel fantastic. Words can’t quite describe it, but I’ll try to.

My fingers are a bit on the thicker side, so the fullness wasn’t foreign to me, but because the toy curves the way it does combined with its increasing thickness… wow. It was even better than any of my fingers could wish to be. I could feel my vagina being indirectly stimulated with each thrust more than usual. It made for some very intense orgasms! Not only that, but an added bonus about this toy? It has a suction cup base! Woah!

If you’ve ever dreamed of fucking your wall, now is your chance.

I didn’t test the toy suctioned to anything while masturbating, but I did suction it to my wall to see how it would hold up (I forgot to take pics of that…) out of curiosity and boredom before actually “playing”. Anal Fit’s Black holds up super well, and it would probably make for some fun times in risky or different locations thanks to its suction cup base. The toy doesn’t budge at all if suctioned properly. It takes a biiiit of a push, but nothing difficult. It would make for fun times in the shower, I’m sure!

Cleanup of the toy was very easy; just simple soap and warm water washed everything away with no muss or fuss. Because the toy is made of silicone, however, it can be prone to getting dirty easily if not properly cared for. When I first took the toy out of its shipping box I noticed it was a tiiiny bit dirty (see pic below), but rinsing it and drying it made it totally clean, so by no means is it a huge complaint.

I don’t care how dirty you are, we can be dirty together! My new best friend. Sorry for my messy floor.

Anal Fit’s Black is fantastic for beginners to anal play or people looking for a smaller toy to experiment with in general. Even veterans to anal might find something to love in Anal Fit’s Black! Despite the toy’s name, perhaps it might even be nice as a vaginal dildo? Unfortunately, I can’t speak for that, but if you’re curious and want to give it a try, by all means, check out this toy! I had so much fun with it, and I think it’s my favorite anal toy that I own yet. Not too thick, but not so thin as to be boring, Anal Fit’s Black made for some of the most fun masturbation sessions I’ve had in a long time, and I look forward to playing with my new friend more and more into the future!

As stated at the very start of this review, OtonaJP was kind enough to provide this for review purposes, of which I am immensely grateful. OtonaJP carries a wide variety of sex goods, all at very fair prices! This includes the Anal Fit’s series! You can buy the black version here.

Review: Anal Fit’s (Black Version)

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