Review: Anal Fit’s (Pink Version)

Anal Fit’s Pink was kindly provided for review purposes from OtonaJP. Thank you!

It’s been a bit since my last post! Sorry for the last few months of silence. Between having my first anime con adventure (a great time!) and life keeping me busy in general, I’ve not had as much time to write things. I’m pleased to say I’m back in full force! Yay!

The last toy review I did was for Anal Fit’s Black, but this time I’ll be focusing on Anal Fit’s Pink. Where the black version made for a very comfortable, fulfilling experience, how does the pink version stack up in comparison? Find out below the cut!

From OtonaJP’s site


Much like the black version, this toy is made from a luscious silicone. It’s very soft, but has a rigidness that allows it to have some give, so to speak, when penetrating. (Though I can’t confirm this myself very easily, I think this would be safe to use as a vaginal dildo in addition to its intended purpose.)

Forgive the messy floor, I didn’t think to vacuum prior to taking these pics when I took them.

It’s not easy to tell in the pics within this review, but one difference worth nothing that unlike the black version, which has a smooth feel to it (and lacking in texture, so to speak), Anal Fit’s Pink has a striped design! Upon running my fingers down it, the striped texture was a pleasant surprise and it felt quite nice!

Anal Fit’s Pink, as you can see, has a wavy appearance, and it’s also much, much thicker than the other toy. Admittedly, I had a lot of trouble getting the toy in (only made it barely past the tip, sadly!), but with patience and practice, I think I could get used to the thicker girth. Below you can see the tip of this toy:

So thick!

Also, this toy has a suction cup base, which I ended up having a little too much fun with… maybe I could use it as a silly clothing rack. Or, even better, I could have a little wall tentacle friend.

My wiggly new friend. Best friends until the end…

Much like Anal Fit’s Black, this toy also has a very easy, no fuss cleanup process: a little warm water and soap is all it takes to get it looking brand new again! Hooray!

Here’s another pic of this wonderful wiggly little friend:

Forgive the crummy quality.

Overall, while this toy maintains the level of quality that Anal Fit’s Black had, unfortunately I’m not sure it’s the most beginner friendly of the bunch, what with its thickness and larger tip. If you’re feeling more daring or adventurous, or are an anal veteran, perhaps Anal Fit’s Pink will be a more enjoyable experience. For beginners (like me!), be prepared to have a lot of time and patience. That, or I’d personally recommend playing with Anal Fit’s Black and gradually work your way up to the pink version. All in all, it’s not a bad toy and it’s still a keeper for me! I just need a little more time to get… shall we say, properly acquainted with it.

OtonaJP was kind to provide me with this, as well as Anal Fit’s Black. Check out their website for all kinds of fantastic, varied sex toys (for all genders!). If you’re interested, you can purchase Anal Fit’s Pink here.

Review: Anal Fit’s (Pink Version)

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