Review: Tenga SVR (Pearl White Version)

This lovely Tenga SVR was something I won in the Tenga Valentine’s Giveaway! 

It’s been a year and… a couple months since I last wrote any reviews for this blog. I’m so sorry for the delay! Luckily, I have just the product to bring this blog back from the dead. It’s no surprise I have some sex toys; hell, my most recent post was a review for Anal Fits’ Pink! But that said… pretty much every toy I own is anally-focused. I didn’t really have any vibrators or clitorally-focused toys… until now!

Last month, I decided to be a bit brave and enter the Tenga Valentine’s Giveaway for fun. At worst, I wouldn’t win anything, but that’s fine. But at best… I had my eye on the sleek, discreet design of the Tenga SVR and I knew deep down that I needed it. If I wasn’t gonna win it, I considered very heavily buying it. So, determination in my heart, I chose the Tenga SVR and a Tenga shirt as my prizes of choice. “There’s no way I’ll win,” I thought to myself. However one night, as I was tossing and turning in bed trying to get to sleep, I got an email notification. Low and behold, I actually won the giveaway! I was so excited. I also felt anticipation. Given I had never used a vibrator before, I didn’t really know what to expect. Let me just say: my expectations were met, and even surpassed some as well. More below the cut as always! 

The wait was shorter than I anticipated, which got me so giddy. Within a couple days, I got a lovely package containing a red Love Me Tenga T-shirt, and… none other than that gorgeous Pearl White SVR I had my eye on.

Pictured: my new best friend in its cozy little home.

As you can see, right away the amount of care put into the toy is apparent. The toy itself doesn’t look anything like a blatant sex toy; no phallus or crude box imagery to be seen here. I don’t have pics of the actual box it came in, but it too was very sleek. I appreciate the toy’s appearance. One thing that makes me hesitate with most sex toys is how crass either the toys themselves are, or the packaging is (usually, it’s the latter). Tenga takes care to ensure the product and packaging aren’t a potential embarrassment to customers, which I can get behind 100%. As an added bonus, I think with how the toy is designed (along with the packaging), it won’t cause a major fuss if you live with family (like I do).

One other thing I find quite nifty about the Tenga SVR is how it comes with its own little storage case, making the process of putting the toy away painless. It’s worth noting it doubles as a travel case, so if you want to take it with you anywhere, you can do so with ease.

The case itself. It has a Tenga logo and… that’s about it? My case got a bit beat up, so ignore the faded “concept.”

You might be able to notice in the first picture, but the inside of the carrying case has these little protrusions inside that help keep the SVR itself nice and secure. I haven’t had any issues with this and find it very useful. Nothing would be worse than the SVR sliding out of place if you were carrying it places.

The Tenga SVR also comes with a charger. The charger can connect to a USB drive or it can connect to a wall outlet plugin, but it’s worth noting it does not come with a wall plugin bit itself. I personally prefer to charge it with my laptop, so I was perfectly happy with how the charger is. When you plug the charger in, the SVR gives off a white light. This light is the charging indicator. When the light shuts off, the toy is done charging. Tenga SVR takes an hour to charge to completion with a total playtime of an hour. For me, this isn’t a problem since I’m not really using this toy for long periods, but if you want to use it for marathon sessions, make note of this.

Pretty pretty, shiny shiny… (Ignore my floor clutter. I was excitedly getting pictures specially for this review.)

So, with all this said… how does the toy itself fare? I feel the need to note that this can be used either solo as an external vibrator, or you can use it with a loved one as a cock ring. If you were curious why there was a ring at the end, well, now you know! I use it as the former (an external vibrator), so that’s how I’m basing my feelings on this. I haven’t used it for the latter purposes, nor am I sure I will, so I can’t speak for that aspect of the toy.

Here’s a shot of the Tenga SVR in my hand, to give you an idea of its size:

It’s almost the size of my hand! But… I also have tiny hands… ;___;

The Tenga SVR has a power button below the logo portion of the toy. Pressing and holding the button for a second or two will turn the toy on (this is also how you turn the toy off). If you press the button again, you can cycle through the different modes. There’s five vibration settings (ranging from gentle to intense) and two rhythmic patterns (a rhythmic pulsation and a rhythmic mode that goes from a gentle to intense vibration which I can only describe as the one, two, threeeee mode) , making for a total of seven settings to choose from in total! My favorite modes are the second most gentle vibration and the second rhythmic pattern. The latter mode never seems to fail at its job of bringing pleasure, so to speak, so I find myself returning to that one quite often when playing with it. I have played with the other settings to some degree though, and all of them are lovely. The nice thing about the SVR is how even if you’re playing with it over clothing, the vibrations are intense enough you don’t even need to put it to your skin to feel good. It works its magic powerfully in a small size, and the level of power this little thing can bring needs to be felt to be believed. On another note regarding the vibrations, this toy is actually nice and quiet, if loudness is a concern. The higher vibrations are louder, obviously, but the vibrations can barely be heard in a room with a TV on. If you’re in a quieter room, perhaps be mindful of any settings that aren’t the first two vibration patterns which are the quietest. If you’re looking for something discreet in noise level, this is a solid recommendation in my book.

As for how the toy itself feels, it’s a lovely silicone, so it’s nice and soft. It feels luxurious running along skin, or even along clothes (perhaps my most favorite way to play with it). All I’ll say is, silicone + silk panties = hell yes. What I find quite interesting is how every time I’m done playing with it, the toy gets quite warm. I’m not sure if it’s retaining my body heat, it’s getting heated from the vibrating, or both, but it’s erotic either way. I adore that aspect more than I expected to for sure. It fits nicely in my hand when using it. Fun fact, I actually like to put my index and middle fingers into the ring portion to better help me maintain my grip on the toy itself. It’s quite convenient! Tenga’s website mentions that you can use this ring portion around your fingers to “give a boost in sensation,” but unfortunately, I haven’t noticed any difference with that versus using my fingers alone. I think if used as a ring with a partner, perhaps the vibrations can be felt from the ring aspect more? I’m not sure myself.

All in all, I absolutely adore the Tenga SVR. It’s essentially my new best friend. When I’m not craving butt play but I’m in a toy mood, I find myself reaching for the SVR quite a bit these days. Small but powerful, I highly recommend it to people who enjoy and get off primarily on external stimulation. With its more discreet, sleek design, I sometimes forget it’s supposed to be a sex toy just looking at it with a glance. Tenga always innovates when it comes to sex toys, and this is no exception. Whether alone or partnered, give yourself a bit of powerful pleasure with the Tenga SVR.

If you’d like to purchase your own, you can buy one right here

Review: Tenga SVR (Pearl White Version)

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