Review: [SQTE-338] A Beautiful Blonde Woman Looking Back: I’m Sorry I Am A Monster Of Sexual Desire June Lovejoy (June Lovejoy)

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JAV never fail to amaze me with their creativity and sometimes wacky concepts. I also enjoy the more story-oriented drama-type films. However, sometimes it’s nice to go back to the basics and watch some simple, engaging lovemaking. Today’s film has exactly that, with no frills or any real plot to go with it. It’s simply two people having a good time for two hours, and it’s amazing. But such a simple description doesn’t really do it justice.

A Beautiful Blonde Woman Looking Back: I’m Sorry I Am A Monster Of Sexual Desire June Lovejoy was produced by S-Cute, and stars June Lovejoy. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a director name, or who the male actor in this film was. If I can find this info out, I’ll update the review accordingly.

Further thoughts below the cut, per usual!

This is a very no-frills sort of JAV–there’s no plot, no real buildup to the sex. This movie gets straight to the action, and I was pulled in from the very first second. June has this infectious joy and bubbliness about her that absolutely shines here. If you think she’s adorable on her Youtube page, you’re going to be blown away here. She’s beyond incredible! When she moans out English phrases in the middle of being pleasured, it’s truly something. I love how fluent her Japanese is, too. I’m personally a fan of the white actress genre in JAV, and it’s so cool to finally see an actress whose Japanese is really fluent; that said I do think there’s also a charm in the more broken Japanese you’d typically hear in other movies within that genre. Additionally, the chemistry between June and her costar is something truly special. It doesn’t feel like a typical porn movie; the guy doesn’t just feel like a detached dick. They both feel like just… people having a good time, and it’s so beyond refreshing to see that in a simpler vanilla film like this one.

SQTE-338 - June Lovejoy - screenshot 6

For a movie that isn’t advertised as being For Women, I gotta say, this has real cross-appeal potential. There’s so much tenderness and heat and sheer eroticism oozing from every second, and it’s nice to see shots of both actors getting it on instead of just focusing on one or the other. It’s directed in this really balanced way, and I like that a lot. You get to see some pretty intimate shots, like a part where June and her costar spoon-fuck and it made me swoon so much when I saw it! I feel like you don’t get to see such a… dare I say, romantic lens in typical male-targeted JAV. This is such a welcome breath of fresh air, and I could easily see this being a wonderful movie to watch alone or in a couple situation. It’s just that well-done!

I never once felt that any scene overstayed its welcome. There’s a lot of focus on warming up and foreplay, which I really appreciated seeing. I mean, that tends to be the case with the majority of JAV, but here it feels really special. This movie gets right to it, and when I was watching for the first time, I was amazed at how I wasn’t even 10 minutes in and things were already so sexy! I can’t often say that about many movies I watch; frankly, I think this is the fastest a JAV got me hooked in, immersed, and aroused. There’s tons of kissing (on the lips and on bodies), tons of teasing and just enjoying one another in a really laidback, fun way. That said though, particularly once intercourse takes place, the heat cranks even further up. June becomes so ravenous with lust in this movie, and it’s truly a sight to behold. She absolutely lives up to the Monster of Sexual Desire title! The fun feel to the fucking never once fades in the runtime, though. It feels like you’re watching a couple! It’s so sweet.

SQTE-338 - June Lovejoy - screenshot 13

Sweet is the perfect word to encapsulate this movie–it’s not overly sugary sweet, but it’s just so tender, so full of warmth and arousal and playfulness. Many consider S1 the go-to for more vanilla movies, but I’m going to be blunt–if there’s any studio I’ll be keeping an eye on in the future for good old-fashioned lovemaking-style content, it’s going to be S-Cute. Of course, it helps this movie has such a wonderful star as June Lovejoy, with her playful, teasing nature, but this is how vanilla porn should be done! It’s got heat, it’s got chemistry, and it never once feels stale. It’s just so engaging.

If you’re in the mood for JAV that just gets straight to the point and doesn’t have a ton of buildup before any sexy times happen, this is perfect. Or if you’re just in the mood for something softer. A Beautiful Blonde Woman Looking Back: I’m Sorry I Am A Monster Of Sexual Desire June Lovejoy filled me with so many overwhelming feelings of just how amazing simpler porn can be.

If you’re interested and wanna watch it for yourself, you can buy it over on with my special affiliate link. You’re doing a double-whammy of supporting the industry, as well as supporting my reviewing endeavors.

Thanks so much for reading! I know I don’t really post reviews as regularly as I once did, but I’m going to try and aim for at least one or two reviews a month if I can. I have so much fun doing this, and I hope you have just as much fun reading my thoughts. Until next time!

Review: [SQTE-338] A Beautiful Blonde Woman Looking Back: I’m Sorry I Am A Monster Of Sexual Desire June Lovejoy (June Lovejoy)

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